Connecting Men

We belive that men ministry exists to connect you to God and enhance your life through a close relationship with Christ.  Our Men’s Ministry is a close community of amazing friends that want to help others.


Equpping Men

Our Men’s Ministry is dedicated  to providing you with the tools and resources and encouragement to help you ignite your passions for a close, Father – Son relationship while deepen your faith in Jesus.


Igniting Men

We believe our community of men  gives you many opportunities to express your individual God called ministry.  Our Men’s Ministry will teach you how to live our life as He sees you not as you or the world sees you.

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Philip Mize

Philip Mize

Men Minstry

What is Men ministry about?

Our Men’s Ministry primary purpose is to lead men in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We are friends reaching out to making new friends, always allowing the circle to grow wider.
We are brothers: freely accepting one another without judging and challenging each other to grow in our faith.

We like mirrors reflect the images we view: our desire is that our reflection will be that of the Father. We are striving to reveal His love and grace to a broken world. We hope you’ll join us as we endeavor to grow in our relationship with Jesus together.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mem’s Ministry motivating one another to actions and reactions of love and good works.


What do we care about?

True Worship, True Friends, and Truth.  We want to experience the presence of God in worship and through a fresh look into God’s Word.

Come and meet with is.  It’s always comfortable and casual.

Searcy Faith’s Men’s Ministry is committed to encouraging and strengthen families in a way that helps them grow. We look forward to connecting with you and growing together as we experience God’s love.

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